Beautiful but Dangerous: The Harmful Effects of Magazine Photoshopping

Published by Grace Broadbent on March 19, 2015 in Media and Entertainment


Every week there seems to be a new Photoshop scandal, which is then of course followed public outcry. We have been saying for years the dangerous effects Photoshop has on people’s self- esteem. But when will enough be enough, and magazines finally hear us and put an end to it?

Photoshop creates unrealistic ideals of what women should look like. Magazines photoshop already skinny models and celebrities into impossible standards of beauty. We are told to be an attractive women one must have a tiny waist, big boobs, a big butt, a huge thigh gap, perfect skin, and so much more because that is what women in magazines look like.

britney photoshop

According to the National Institute on Media and the Family, the statistics prove we have body image issues in America.

  • 53% of 13 year old girls have body image issues
  • 78% of 17 year old girls have body image issues
  • 30% of high school girls have eating disorders
  • 16% of high school boys have eating disorders

Photoshopped magazines perpetuate this already existing problem, so why do they continue doing it? According to Glamour editor, Cindi Leive, one reason is, “Fashion magazines are always about some element of fantasy.” But is that fantasy worth the consequences?

Recently, there has been a lot of backlash for obviously photoshopped images, but it has not changed one thing about the magazine industry. It continues to put pictures of insanely perfect women on covers of magazines and mess with the minds of the average women. And it does not look like magazines will be stopping anytime soon.


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