What Does it Mean?

Due to lack of visual stimulation associated with most other media outlets, advertisers have taken to brand repetition in order to market specific products. Whether it be the promotion of a new artist or album, or even a sales pitch for the nearest food joint, repetition serves to saturate the market with a given brand.

While we may not even notice when its happening, repetition of a product or service (or anything, really) embeds itself within our brain. According to an article published by BMC Neuroscience, outside the context of radio, repetition is one of the best ways to commit information to our long term memory.

Through advertisement repetition, advertisers prime our brains to readily think about a product when triggered. Take for example, the ringing bell at the end of every Taco Bell commercial. Taco Bell targets numerous media outlets with this bell sound, thus embedding it within an individual’s memory. Because of this repetition, an individual when hungry, may likely choose to buy a meal from Taco Bell. This may be out of personal preference, but a considerable factor is the availability of this brand within the individual’s memory.

Why Does it Matter?

Now that advertisers have taken this information and pointed it towards marketing, it is important that the audience be media literate. The radio reaches a high degree of market penetration due to its conscious and unconscious consumers. With this comes a large degree of power.

Some speculate that the targeting both knowing and unknowing audiences with this sort of tactic ability is a manipulation of power. However, according to a study published by the Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, repetition “of ads attracts viewer attention toward the product and also affects their brand selection decision.” This means that even if a brand has been imprinted into our memory, our opinion of the brand remains the same. Nonetheless, it is important to understand the individual’s positioning in terms of advertisements and to make educated decisions accordingly.


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