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Celebrities and Twitter


What’s it all about?

I, like many teenage girls, have dabbled in the Twitter life. To me, keeping people constantly updated with status like blurbs of 140 characters seems more like a chore than a hobby. To celebrities though this “chore” can be molded into a 21st century version of marketing and public relations.


An Inside Look

In Forbe’s “Why Celebrities Twitter”, author Andy Greenberg tells us that “A quick glance at the most “followed” microbloggers on Twitter shows that 20 or so of the top 100 feeds on the site are written by real-world celebrities”. There is a craze surrounding the idea of stardom, so when fans have the opportunity to sneak a peek at what stardom looks like, even if this “peek” comes through a form of social media, they will jump at it.


How Unfiltered is this “Sneak Peek”?

Celebrities know this inherent fact about their followers so they use Twitter to their advantage in every way possible. In Kathryn Chin’s “How Celebrities Use Twitter to Build Their Brands” the relationship between celebrities and Twitter is investigated as a business model. Celebrities have taken to Twitter in order to control their image, something deemed near impossible with today’s press and paparazzi. Twitter gives celebrities a realm where they can market themselves as a unique brand to their “customers”, or their fans.

Celebrities have also taken to Twitter as a way of potential advertising for companies who are willing to pay the high price to have their company’s name attached to a celebrity identity. Today, Twitter isn’t just being used to build connections with audiences, it is being used to generate revenue. Twitter for celebrities means success, it means fame, and most importantly it means money.

Why this matters

This is important for people like you and me because we are the one’s who have used social media in the sense that Vivian talks about, meaning we have used social media as a way to create an identity and a space where we can interact without the pressure of outside forces, like parents. With celebrities invading these spaces and using them as business platforms, it is necessary for us to recognize that our spaces are becoming sources of revenue and with this we must develop our media literacy so as to not become unsuspecting victims of advertising and branding.

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Celebrities and Twitter

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